Thursday, January 29, 2009


coffeebigI made this little sign a while back for the kitchen. Boy, some days it’s oh so true. I’m not overly grouchy this morning but I just can’t seem to defog my head. I’m on my third (huge) cup and I’m still a dolt. Maybe I’ll wake up before I have to go to work.

journals01I was jotting some notes to myself yesterday afternoon in the journal thingy I always carry with me. Even when I decide that I’m not taking my purse – I carry my book! A customer commented that it was “me” if anything ever was. I can’t argue with that. The book I call “LIFE” started as a tally book. My Beloved works on oil rigs and tally books are everywhere. Most of them have vinyl covers in garish colors with company logos on them.

journals02No problem, we just recover them! One day he came home with some new ones, they had clear covers with a removable insert. Unfortunately for me, he could only grab a few of them. Silly me, I thought he would be able to get more later so I gave two of mine away. And of course, there aren’t anymore to be had. I yanked out the company insert and printed my own. To section off the inside pages, I just in glued papers and tabs. I even made pocket pages to hold coupons, my ID, and my bank card. The inside front cover holds mini business cards with my phone number and email address. The pages have to do lists, reminders, important info I’d otherwise forget, ideas, hastily jotted sketches, my hours at work, you name – it’s probably in there! The other little book in the picture was a mini composition book given to me by the neighborhood crazy woman. She brought it to me saying, “I found this and I knew you’d want it.” The crazy thing is that she really doesn’t know me well enough to know that – but she was right! Chalk one up for the insane! It was pink and yellow, not my kinda colors so I covered it in black with silver stars, threw on some words and moon. Ahhh, now it’s me. I stamped random things on the inside pages, silly things to make me laugh. I showed the altered version to the lady who gave it to me. She smiled from ear to ear and said, “See! I knew!” Yes, yes you did.

Just found a new source for the clear covered tally books that doesn’t require you to buy 100 of them. I really love them but seriously, a hundred? And you can order them blank for a very reasonable price. Guess what I’m going to be doing soon?

I sat staring at my new sketchbook last night. The simple black cloth cover is okay but I can’t have that, can I? But what to do to it? Glue things on? Draw on it? Paint it? Yes! And I know what I want to paint!

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