Saturday, January 24, 2009


Yesterday on Ricë’s blog the “Journal Spank” of the day was to grab  whatever was close on your desk and sketch it. The closest thing to me was a little Boston Stapler that sits on end. I did the quick and staplerdirty sketch of it, under a minute – not worrying about shadows and highlights or finding a better perspective. Not that a black stapler has much in the way of shadows and highlights to begin with! I was goofing off and before I knew it – ACK! I was about to be late for work! So this morning I scanned my sketch and here it is.

And yes Ricë, you can come live with me any time you want! I’ll even scare up something pink to make you feel at home!


  1. i love your little stapler sketch.

    oh, cool--so can i bring my husband and just come live in, oh, your garage or something for weeks at a time? and will you play hooky from work and we can just walk around the french quarter and draw stuff all day long? cool!

  2. Of course! The EGE is always welcome and I wouldn't make you live in the dank old garage either!