Monday, January 12, 2009

Gorgons and Princesses

A long time ago I made a bunch of magnets using images from tattoo magazines. I glued the image to the back of clear glass pebbles (the kind with a flat back) and then epoxying on a magnet. I recently did a batch to use with polymer clay and make jewelry out of. Most of them are spookish, crows, bats, skulls, etc. It was close to Halloween and my idea for a costume was Medusa. I figured I could make a bunch of little snake heads and wire them on the ends of my dreads. I found a cool image of Medusa and glued it to one of the larger glass pebbles. I encased it in black polymer clay and rubbed on PearlEx to give it a metallic sheen. I made a simple but cool necklace. I wore the necklace to work a couple of times and everyone, even those who were clueless as to Medusa loved it. One girl in particular, Renee, fell completely in love with it. She asked about making one for her and then I found out it was her birthday - so I gave it to her. I think it was time for me to move on to the Edward Gorey bat anyway.

I've started making journals again. I used to do it all the time. I think it kept me sane(r). And I did some scrapbook pages for my daughter, one for myself. I like my little journals. The one with me as a Simpson (Jessica Simpson HAHA) is goal oriented while the one with little witch is an idea "brewer."

A couple of pages from the goals journal. No major things, the resolutions you can't keep, just things to keep me focused and on target.

The memories page isn't a goal as much as it is an introspection. As much as we try to fight some of the thing of the past, it shapes who you are. Instead of trying to ignore it, use it. Change your perspective.

The second page is for my scrapbook. It's my Baby doing what he loves best. And I love this picture of him.

Then we have the pages I made for my daughter of her daughters. Nana's little Princesses!


  1. I HAVE A FEW of said magnets!!! I love them! i love it when you "clean house" cause i hit the jackpot!!!
    love ya!

  2. p.s. i didn't know BELOVED liked to fly! that's awesome!

  3. Didn't I tell you he has a pilot's license? He loves flying around in those little planes, like a Toyota with wings and they scare the bejeezus out of me! Give me a 747!

    I seriously need to "clean house" again. I'm going to post some pics of my craft room so everyone can see that I'm not joking about how much stuff is packed in there!