Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Siblings and Upcycling

BEARGIRLI’m slightly annoyed with my brother right now. He pestered me forever (even called me names) about writing him. So I did. Now he’s ignoring me. Why do we still act like we’re in grade school? I have a huge box of his drawings. He wanted me to scan them and said I could have the originals. Then he seemed to think I was Kinko’s and would stop what I was doing whenever he wanted to print elaborate lists of sizes and crap. Like I don’t have a job or a life. Maybe I just want to sit on the couch Embracein my underwear and pick my nose. The point is that he’ll ask for an inch and take a mile. And I finally learned to just say no. The pictures on the left are some of pencil portraits. The weird line on the little girl is from the scanner and stitching the scans.

Now that I have a truck, I’m looking forward to cruising the Tulane/Loyola area for cast offs. Those crazy college students! When they graduate and move on, they toss everything out to the curb. I’ve found some great and very new stuff. But I never had room for the best stuff since I was driving an itty bitty car. But now – now I have room!

buffet02My Beloved wasn’t really on board with my dumpster diving habits at first. He thought it was embarrassing to have his woman picking through the trash. Then we went on a jaunt to the junk stores. There aren’t many here like there are back home. Which is odd when you think about it because the average New Orleanian is way broker than the average J’Viller.

Anyway, we picked up a hutch that was in dreadful condition for next to nothing and a Drexel Heritage buffet that had seen better days. I redid the buffet and my Darling did the hutch. He had the idea to paint it half black/half white. I suggested we skew the dividing line. I think it turned out fabulously.

I was talking to one of my regular customers and she asked if I would put all the content from my long abandoned website up here or somewhere. I’ll try. It will not be easy locating the files now so it will happen slowly. Be patient. I’m old. And tired!

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