Friday, January 23, 2009

The Power of Three

My boss must really be in a bind without me. I lamented to him on the phone that no one would come get me. He said he would. Let me state that I rode 2.5 miles with my boss once before and swore I’d never get in a vehicle with him again. I must have really been desperate to get out of here by quickly saying “Yes!” He picked me up last Friday and we went to the car dealer we (my Darling and I) new_ride2 had an application in with. I was too late for the Eclipse we had planned to buy. Drats. But then something winked at me, something I really wanted. My boss and I hopped in for test drive. Ha! My turn to frighten him! It was love at first right. What a sweet little truck! While my boss and I were out looking, my Beloved called saying he definitely be home that evening.

We went back to the dealer on Saturday and bought the truck. My Sweetie loved the truck as much as I do. Happy, happy, joy, joy! Thanks to my Beloved, my transportation issues are over. We couldn’t take the truck on Saturday and had to return on Tuesday when the finance company was open. It was a little tough waiting over the weekend to pick it up but I’m sure enjoying the ride to work now!

I missed work, even the insane parts (and insane people)! All the regulars told me how much they missed me and how glad they were to have me back. It’s nice to know that you’re a bright spot in someone’s day.

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