Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Today has been a little rough. My phone is giving me problems again. I was wondering why it was unusually silent since yesterday it seemed like it rang way too often. No service. Since I don’t have a land line, resolving the problem meant the joy of online customer service. And by joy, I mean gigantic pain in the ass.

I’ve found it very difficult to stay on task. I keep bouncing from on thing to another. The only thing that stayed constant was my appetite. Which is odd. I’m not usually that way. Today, cheese occupied a far too large part of my brain. All I wanted was cheese!

I lugged the panels back outside to try to paint them. I had been sitting on the kitchen floor with them but my hip was complaining. I got some done before it got too cold and my fingers went on strike. So I lugged them back in and am now trying to finish them on the dining room table (covered with newspaper!). My mind won’t be still enough for me to make any real progress. It frustrates me even more because I really want them done, get them on the walls and pull the Craft Cave of Doom in to order with some sense of a style.

Getting everything organized is quite the opus. I have way more stuff than I should. Seriously. It’s ridiculous how much stuff I have. The left side of the room has a long table and two shelves above. It’s the painting/paper/polymer clay side of the room. The shelves are full and I have storage bins under the table too. And that’s just ONE side of the room! The right side also has a long table but no shelves above. It’s got plenty jammed under the table though! That’s the sewing side of the room. The room has a weird little jog in it because of the central heat unit. In front of the “jog” wall is a tall double door cabinet/bobo armoire thing crammed to the gills with fabric. I knew I should have bought the bigger one! On the wall with the window, there’s more storage bins housing sewing notions, small scraps of fabric, felts, and tools. On the opposite side, there’s my duct tape dress form, a small bookcase, and I plan to put a full length mirror in the only blank space left. I haven’t the courage to post any pics of the chaos that is that room yet. I do have a couple that aren’t so bad, ones of the left side.


This is the left side of the left side of the room. Say that three times fast! The picture doesn’t show the table or all the stuff under the table. The clock just barely in the picture screams or howls every hour. Kinda weird but I like it!


This is the right side of the left side. Mostly paper and polymer clay stuff. Lots of unfinished wood and other “I think I could use this for something” stuff up top! You can kinda see the huge slab of styrofoam I have on the wall. The panels, when I ever get them finished will replace the unsightly but effective styrofoam.

While fussing at myself for not getting much accomplished, I thought to myself, “You used to get so much more done.” Yeah. I used to do a lot of things. That seemed like a good place to start journaling in the “How the hell did I end up here?” journal. I often get mad, sad, or frustrated about the “used-to” thing. But the real question is, Do I want to be exactly as I was before? The answer is no. So I spent some time thinking about the used to list, what I want to keep and what I want to forget. Still working on it.

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