Sunday, February 1, 2009

Music, Muses, and Motorcycles

Last night at work, Renee came in wearing the Medusa necklace I gave her. It looks stunning on her (probably better than it did on me!), she’s such a lovely girl! She said she wears it all the time and gets loads of comments on it. While we were chatting, she said to check out her boyfriend Jason’s videos on YouTube. I love them! It’s so funny watching people you know in “real life” on YouTube, don’t know why – it just is. But anyway, yay for Jason! Check him out.

pj_coverI grabbed a couple more of the large sketchbooks from Borders since I had a 40% off coupon – and they were cheap to begin with. I grabbed a darling little journal too. I couldn’t help myself. It was PURPLE! Purple suede! I like that it has lines on one side and the left side is blank, leaving lots of room for drawings and what not. I think I’m going to like this little journal a lot. For the large sketchbooks, I decided that I wanted to paint Medusa on the front of the one I’m using. Then I thought it would be cool to paint a different woman from mythology on each of them. But then I thought I should try to keep some sort of uniformity in the room to keep it from looking like a riotous melee. Okay, how about painting the spines to make the theme of the room for a unified look and have the covers different. Hmm . . . that could work!

I’d been trying to call Mike but all I got was voicemail – and the mike1 mailbox was full so I couldn’t leave a message. I finally got through and spoke to Melissa. She told me Mike got hit by a car! He’s okay, just shaking off the bumps and bruises but not back into the full swing of things yet. He was riding along Louisiana Ave on his scooter and a car nailed him. People here seriously CANNOT drive. Turn signals? Who needs them! Rules of the road that apply to every other state in the Union? Not here! When I told my Beloved about Mike, he said “Mike who?” I started to be a smartass and say, “The only other guy who touches my skin.” But he quickly followed with, “The tattoo guy Mike?” Yes, and I forbid him to die – he’s not finished!

I’ve just started to get over my severe aversion to motorcycles, even remembering what it was like to have the wind in my hair as I sailed along astride rolling thunder. If I ever do decide to get back on the horse that threw me, it will not be in New Orleans!

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  1. Hey its Jason. Thanks for posting the video. Its weird seeing yourself on YouTube. lol. The necklace is quite nice on her. Thanks again from both of us.