Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just shoot me

Only three more days. Only three more days. That's my new mantra. If I can just survive three more days of Mardi Hell, I'll be okay! My tolerance for the intoxicated is limited at best. Give me large groups of the snockered and I'm struggling with my homicidal urges.

The drunken college girls really amuse me. Not in a good way. I'm no militant feminist but these twits are undoing everything their foremother's worked hard for and suffered to get. No hon, batting your eyelashes and switching to one hip will not open doors for you, especially to the door with the sign "Restroom Out of Order." One of them even pushed her bottom lip out in a faux pout. Seriously, does that generally work on other females? Suck it up Barbie, I'm not even slightly gay. You're not cute, you're annoying.

I have to go back to bed now. Rest for the insanity that will be later today.

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