Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fell Off the Earth for a Bit but I’m Back

My tattoo is finally complete! Hooray! I went to see Mike last week to fill in the missing parts. I was going to post a picture of the finished work but after a conversation with Mike about original works, I decided not to. It’s mine. My artwork. If someone copied it, I might be induced into some Ed Gein-like behavior.

I'm still knee-deep in trying to get my craft room in order. I have way too much stuff and the bad part is that I've already taken some of it to storage. I did manage to get the magnetic panels hung on the walls (after my Beloved routed out a channel in the molding for me) and they look fantastic.

foto_album_before My boss bought a huge box of random items for next to nothing. None of the things are really what we ordinarily sell but what the hell. In the group were some photo albums that piqued my interest. My boss, being the generous person he is and knowing how I love to alter everything I come across, gave me one. The design on the box and album have a seashell design with little shells in the bump out window and the most tragically translated poem I've ever read. Anyway, it ain't me. So I took it home and took it apart. I recovered everything and spooked up the little window. I like it much better now.

foto_album_afterI got another one for my daughter. I printed out little pictures of my Granddaughters with fairy wings and put them in the window with the caption, "The Princess Chronicles." The front inside page has "Once Upon a Time" and the back has "And They Lived Happily Ever After." I decided that I'd add some of the cool glitter I bought a long time ago and never used. I'm just not really a glitter person but the girls like it. I smear glue on the cover in an organic, marble like pattern and pour on the glitter. All was well until I stood the album up to tap off the excess glitter. Poof! This stuff is micro-fine and doesn't behave like normal glitter as I sadly learned. It flew off in a mushroom cloud spurred on by the ceiling fan. Was I in my craft room when I was doing this? Hell no. I was in the living room so now my entire house is sparkly. There's glitter in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, computer room and all points in between. My pirate pajamas may never be the same. Beloved came home and asked me why there was glitter all over the house. Uh, because I'm a dumbass.

In other news, my neighborhood is flooding. My Beloved and I rode down to the river last night to see how much the river had risen. It was all the way across one lane of the road. The little creek next to our street was touching the street. When I left for work early this morning, they had the street blocked off. The creek was all the way across the road and 30 feet wide. Okies – take the long way around. Beloved called me later to say that they’d just closed down the exit off the interstate closest to the house. The river was all the way across both lanes and rising. And it rained again. And it’s supposed to rain some more. Lovely.

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