Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I have seriously neglected posting anything anywhere of late. Since moving back into the city it’s been a constant stream of projects. Most of the interior painting is done. The patio is looking less like the set of Sanford and Son.

I went through a period of injuring myself with home improvement projects. My back was screaming at me. It seems that my back doesn’t like being up on ladders while painting. Probably because I was so tense as I am terrified of ladders. That’s not true, what terrifies me is falling off. Anyway, the hot tub and a large jug of Ibuprofen kept me from laying on the railroad tracks.

ugly fanThe formal entry is now two lovely shades of purple and the parlor is two shades of grey. Painting the upper part of the parlor was a nightmare and a half best left for another entry.

The dining room is a sort of non-color color. There’s a lot more to be done to the room and the non-color is just a backdrop. The best thing to happen in there was changing the butt-ugly ceiling fan to a much nicer chandelier. I still have to stencil the walls and paint a trompe l’oeil panel over the bar. I’ll get that done as soon as my Beloved scares me new lightup some scaffolding because I am through with the ladders!

The main thing that has been taking up my time is glass. We don’t like how the front door dumps you into a massive, almost overwhelming space. We decided to make a three paneled room divider with a steel frame that would mimic the aquarium stand. But what to fill the panels with? We decided on stained glass. After browsing the internet for ideas, we came up with our own design since nothing we found was exactly what we were looking for. It’s been many a year since I did any glass work and need to bring my skill (and confidence) level up. I made a bunch of small projects and when I was sure I could make something large and outstanding, we went shopping for glass. A LOT of glass.

I know I complain about service in New Orleans way too much. Bad service is the norm here and you can always tell who isn’t from here – they’re the ones balking. We looked online for glass at first. The glass seemed cheap at first but then when you added shipping and all the other miscellaneous fees, it wasn’t such a bargain. Plus I have no faith in the mail service either. We’d most likely end up with big boxes of broken glass. I found a store in Metairie and drove over to look around. Not only did they have everything we were looking for, the service is absolutely outstanding! Truly fabulous people and a such a pleasure to do business with. So if you are in the New Orleans area and looking for stained glass, I highly recommend The Stained Glass Studio. Tell ‘em Miss Purple and Red sent you.

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