Sunday, June 21, 2009

Home Sweet Home

It’s been awhile since I posted anything, lots of stuff going on. I have wanted to move back into the city for quite some time for many reasons. The absurd amount I was spending on gas every week, the lost 2 hours a day in commute time, and lack of a social life topped the list. Beloved was less than thrilled at the prospect of moving back into the city. Where we live is quiet and the crime rate is zero. We discussed moving back many times and he said it would have to be perfect. I thought perfect was something we’d never find. Form a mental picture of me sitting at the table, bib around my neck, knife and fork in hand with a large plate of crow.

new_apt_front_001 We found perfect. We found beyond perfect. We both said that if we’d made a list of everything we wanted in our respective ideas of “perfect,” this place has all of them and many more. It’s a cavernous old Victorian with a detached garage. Finding anything here with a garage is quite a feat. Not only is the garage big enough for Beloved’s workshop, it has a home gym in the back end of it. It has a lovely and very private back yard and covered patio. It has a hot tub! The wrought iron fenced front yard is adorable. The kitchen has tons of cabinets, counter space, and a dishwasher. I won’t know how to act! And closets! Closets everywhere! BIG closets! And stained glass! And ornate fireplaces!


Needless to say, we signed the lease are in the process of moving. We are so excited. Since the new place is less than a mile from my work, my commute time and gas bill are negligible now. My friends can actually visit me now. Beloved has a place to grill even if it’s raining. We have sunny garden space. This is going to be so good!

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