Tuesday, December 23, 2008

First Post

Yay! My first post on here!

I love black. My closet, in fact, is a veritable rainbow of black, shades ranging from washing machine-faded to wore-it-once-to-a-wedding. I didn't say that but oh how it fits! It's from this delightful article on Divine Caroline.

Last month I was stuck at home with a dreadful case of the flu. I was trying to find a particular hoodie in my closet. It's not easy finding things in there. For one, the closet is way too small and everything is jammed in there tight. The other is that everything I own is black. It can be a challenge to find said black hoodie (one of three) in a sea black stuffed inside a cramped closet. When I did finally retrieve said hoodie from the dark abyss, I thought, "I should do something to distingush this one from the rest." Hmmm.

I often use the example of the angel and demon sitting on your shoulders whispering in your ears (especially when trying to explain my conflicted and contradictory nature to others). Almost everything I own has a skull on it. An idea was born. Angel and demon skulls, not on my shoulders exactly, but you get the drift. And here is the result:

The appliques are felt fused to the hoodie and edged with a blanket stitch. The words underneath the skulls are done with an outline stitch and a multicolored fill stitch using a font called "Tattoo Ink" as a guide. You can get the font here.

Here's the best close up of the detail I could do. We seriously need a new camera!

If you like the design and would like to make your own version, click here for the pattern pieces. You can make it as small or as large as you'd like. If you do use the pattern, I'd really love to see the finished project.


  1. stumbled upon your blog found in quite interesting; please stop by when you have some time! all comments are always welcome! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    stay true to what you do~

  2. Thank you and I hope your New Year is a good one.

  3. ohhhh you are new to this..well i was too...i started way back when and made like 70 posts then i quit...well now i'm back for various reasons so everyone can be bored to tears with my mundane, uneventful life!

  4. Yeah, I just started this thing. Years ago, I had a really cool website with a ton of projects and how-to's on it. This will be something like that I guess.

    I like reading about your "mundane uneventful" life, especially when I can't catch up with you in "real life!"